Radical Women Art Print

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We are all so moved by the resurgence of activism we have seen in the past few weeks. This is our response to the spirit of change that's clearly in the air! A new favorite, this Radical Women screen print is inspired by the women who came before us, the feminists inspiring us today, and our sons and daughters who are up next.

Including Judith, Gloria, Hillary, Michelle, Chimamanda, Susan, Carrie, Angela, Betty, Ruth, Kathleen, Raicho, Jane, Bell, Dolores, Flo, Naomi, Winona, Doris, Audre, Wilma, Nellie, Cecile, Emmeline, Sylvia, Linda, Sophie, Patti, Elizabeth, Harriet, Mary, Virginia, Malala.

19.69 by 19.69 inches

Frame not included.

This item will be shipped rolled in a sturdy mailing tube.

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