"Take Charge" Power Bank in Navy

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Be the boss of your tech with 4 full charges for your phone.

  • The Take Charge™ holds enough energy to power up your phone more than 4 times*. Zero to 100 percent, 4 times over.
  • This single power bank allows you to charge both older, wired devices & also newer, Qi-enabled devices. Charge your new iPhone 11 wirelessly, then your boyfriend’s new Samsung Galaxy S10 wirelessly & then your mom’s old iPhone 7 with a cord.
  • Juice the Take Charge™ up, toss it in your purse or bag & forget about it. This energy powerhouse holds a charge for months at a time. When you need it, you’ll have it. 
  • Easy to read, digital output never leaves you wondering how much power’s left.
  • Did we mention this charger is also a super convenient phone stand? You’re welcome.
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