4 Tips for a More Organized Closet

1. Splurge On Wooden Hangers

There are two reasons why I am in love with making this closet change:

First, wooden hangers look oh-so-good! They create a clean, elevated feel for all of the clothes you have invested in. Having uniform hangers is an immediate fix for a closet that feels jumbled, haphazard and unorganized.

Second, it makes you take stock in what items live in your valuable closet space. For those of you fashionistas that are stuffing clothes into a small space, this switch FORCES you to make those tricky decisions of what NEEDS. TO. GO. Wooden hangers take up more space than the plastic, velvet and foam hanger alternatives, so choosing which pieces get wooden hangers makes you decide what items deserve the space in your closet.


2. Organize By Color


Once you have pared down the items that are worthy of wooden hangers - arrange the remaining pieces by color. What a wonderful effect it has when you open up those closet doors! This easy to maintain system also helps you note which colors make up your wardrobe.  If you constantly open your closet to a sea of black, you are less likely to make that impulse buy on one more LBD. OR maybe you love purple, but don't have anything - zero, zilch, to show it in your current wardrobe... I see a little shopping spree in your future.


3. Fold What Looks Nice, Hide the Rest

folded denim.jpg

No matter how big or small, your closet is where you start your day and should be one of your happy places. If you open your closet doors to a tornado of clothes, you are not starting the day off right, girlfriend! Top items to fold and have on display: denim, basic tanks and a few sweaters. These items can make a nice, crisp fold and look organized piled up. Top items to hide: gym t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants. You are more than this, ladies! Your first closet impression shouldn't scream Netflix and chill! 

4. Baskets - Make Them Work for You


Hide the Little Things

We adore using baskets as a way to add texture and create a form of organizing that hides items for everyday grabbing - think bras, underwear and socks. Mix baskets in next to your neat stack of jeans and you AND your closet are looking pretty chic. 

Are You Changing Shape or Size?

My most favorite way to use baskets is to have one (if you have room, two or three) on the floor. This handy dandy trick is the perfect fix for ladies who are changing shape and finding that not everything thats on a hanger fits. Instead of making a big to-do and closet clean out, give this a whirl: if you try it on and it is too big, too small, or doesn't hang right - DO NOT HANG IT BACK UP! Fold it neatly and place it in a basket. Your hanging space is holy ladies - fill it with items that make you feel sexy, beautiful and want to strut your stuff! If it doesn't work, fold it and put it in a basket.

Change of Seasons

Another great use for the basket is during season changes. Let's face it - the first day of summer doesn't always mean that all of your cozy sweaters go to the basement. If you like to slowly transition your wardrobe, the basket trick is for you.  

Crazy, Busy Life?

A final use for these floor baskets is for those busy days, long nights - I don't have time to put it away, kinda days. You know what I mean - when the chair in your room ends up housing more of your clothes than your closet? Don't have time to hang it up? Don't feel like folding it? Throw it in the basket.

Keep the aftermath of those busy days contained. Once clothes spill to the floor, bed or chair it adds clutter to those overwhelming days. When you start and end your day in clutter you can find yourself playing catch up. If any of this rings a bell - I am with you! I find I have more of those tired, I gotta get this off of me nights than not. Want to know a secret? I have a pretty big floor basket... :)