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Sarah Lynn, owner of Bailey Road in Montpelier, Vermont
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Happy New Year my Bailey Road Family 💕

Time seems to be flying by and I am blown away that we are starting a brand new year - clean slate, fresh start! Sometimes January 1st feels rejuvenating and other times I find myself opening my brand new planner (yes I am still a paper planner kinda girl) and not wanting to mess up the blank pages that fill the next 365 days. Tiptoeing into the New Year hesitant to make big resolutions that I might not keep or I put too much pressure on the beginning days trying to start the year in perfection. 

After all this reflecting, you know what I have decided to do this New Year? Instead of a resolution, I have decided to choose one word to live by and that word is "SLOW".

I want to slow down and be mindful during life's sweet & savory moments. The idea of slow living while having a 2-year-old at home will certainly be challenging at times, but I hope even my rambunctious Miles can find a little slow in his life (wish me luck!)

When it comes to Bailey Road, I hope each one of you can find a slower pace when you walk through our doors. I hope that when you are having a crazy, hectic day, you can squeeze in a few minutes to slow your mind, stroll through the store and just breath.

Much love and gratitude,